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Premium Blue Mountain Jasper Gemstone Cabochon Hand Crafted By LEXX STONES 84 Carats



Here for your consideration is an outstanding Blue Mountain Jasper Cabochon. Blue Mountain Jasper (in this humble lapidary artist's opinion) is the nicest of the five fine jaspers. It is also the rarest. I acquired this rough directly from the claim owner.. The exact location of this mine is only known to a few select and trusted people and for good reason - It's OURAGEOUS stuff! Best known for it's wild overlapping patterns, deep colors and WICKED shine, Blue Mountain Jasper is also extremely hard on the MOH's scale. Blue Mountain Jasper is considered one of the five fine jaspers.

Vitreous polish front and back. Standard radius dome.

This attractive cabochon will make a bold wire wrap or precious metal setting. Quite an heirloom collectible as well.

Skillfully hand cut and polished by Lexx. Photographed dry under full spectrum LED's.

Custom jobs are always welcome - We Love Creative People!

Length – 50.76 mm

Width - 37.05 mm

Thickness – 5.3 mm

Weight - 84 carats

Provenance - Malheur County, Oregon

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