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Graveyard Point Plume Agate Gemstone Cabochon Hand Crafted By Lexx Stones 79 Carats



Here for your consideration is an outstanding Graveyard Point Plume Agate cabochon. This native Eastern Oregon stone exhibits a wild,  plethora of  beautiful plumes of white, yellow, green, purple, orange and glittry Pyrite specks throughout it's semi - translucent structure. Vitreous polish, front and back. Standard radius dome.

The traditional deisgn of this shape will make an easy wrap or cool open back bezel set.
Incorporate it into your next wood/metal working or restoration project - Use your imagination!

Hand cut and polished by Lexx.  
Photographed dry under full spectrum LEDs..
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Custom jobs are always welcome - We Love Creative People!

Length - 40.08 mm
Width -30.05 mm
Thickness - 7.77 mm
Weight - 79 Carats
Origin - Eastern Oregon near the Idaho Border

Ships within 24 hours of your prompt, cleared payment to the lower 48 states.
Everywhere Else, Standard Shipping Fees Apply.
International Buyers Will Be Responsible For All Additional Shipping, Taxes, Duties, Insurance Incurred With This Sale.

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