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High Chatoyancy Electric Blue Pink Purple Namibian Pietersite Gemstone Cabochon Hand Crafted By LEXX STONES 39 Carats



Here for your consideration is a high quality, high chatoyancy blue Pietersite cabochon from Namibia. This rare material exhibits a plethora of electric shimmery vibrant blues, pinks, purples, magenta, yellow, and silver. Many of these color patterns dance when the stone is moved under light! The chaotic random pattern, sturdiness and mesmerizing chatoyancy makes this a favorite material among pro lapidaries. Natural, untreated and never dyed. Standard radius dome. Vitreous polish front and back.

A perfect heirloom collectible.

The cool precision cut shape lends itself to a wonderful pendant, ring, bracelet centerpiece or a dandy collector's item.

This beautiful stone is in it's natural state. It has not been colored, stabilized or artificially treated in any way. Photos taken dry, outdoors under natural daylight.

Hand selected, skillfully cut and polished by Lexx.

Custom orders welcome - We Love Creative People!

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Origin - Outjo, Damaralend District, Kunene Province, Namibia

Length – 30.26 mm

Width – 30.2 mm

Thickness  - 5.5 mm

Weight - 39 carats

Ships USPS First Class within 24 hours of prompt payment. Please inquire if you'd like Priority or additional insurance.

Everywhere Else, Standard Shipping Fees Apply. Sales tax applies to New York State residents.

International Buyers Will Be Responsible For All Additional Taxes, Duties, Insurance Incurred With This Sale.

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