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High Grade Larimar Vibrant Blue Pectolite Gemstone Cabochon Hand Crafted By LEXX STONES 97 Carats



Here for your delight is an outstanding Larimar Cabochon. A very scarce copper mineral  bearing material also known as "Dolphin Stone" this full sized cab exhibits wonderful, dreamy vibrant blues with waves of subtle reticulating whites underneatht creating a "Ghost Turtle Back" effect. Under my jewelry lamp LEDs, it glows an almost iridescent baby blue. It's just stunning! 

This unique type of hybrid Pectolite (NaCa2Si3O8(OH]), which was discovered in 1916, is a very difficult and dangerous material to mine and yields very little "perfect" grade. Natural, "unstabilized", not heated and never glued.

Vitreous polish front and back. Standard high radius dome.

This attractive cabochon will make a wonderful wire wrap or precious metal setting. A sought after heirloom collectible as well.

Hand crafted by Lexx. Photographed dry under full spectrum LED

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Height - 61.25 mm
Width - 21.68 mm
Thickness - 8.6 mm
Weight - 97 carats
Origin - Los Chenchenes, Bahoruco, Dominican Republic.

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