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Nevada Chrysocolla Cuprite Malachite Cabochon Hand Crafted By Lexx Stones 40 Carats




"Chrysocolla" is a term used since antiquity (315 BCE). This copper hydrated silicate bearing material (Cu2-xAlx(H2-xSi2O5)(OH)4·nH2O) exhibits an attractive plethora of blue-aqua-green which provides a unique color to the mineral world. By some in the mineral community, Chrysocolla is perhaps more appropriately a "mineraloid" rather than a true mineral - (an amorphous meaning that it does not have a coherent crystalline structure.) Higher temperatures however demonstrate a distorted crystal structure that appears to be composed of Si4 O10 sheets (referring to RAMAN and other spectrographic studies).

Chrysocolla forms in the oxidation zones of copper rich ore bodies. This splendid example comes from the long defunct Imine and was collected many decades ago. This cabochon has beautiful tomato red Cuprite and green Malachite inclusions.

The actual name Chrysocolla derives from Greek "chrysos" - gold and "'kolla" - glue, referring to its use as a flux in soldering gold (Theophrastus.)

Chrysocolla is often found in a matrix of quartz, in which case the optical and physical properties may be closer to those of quartz. This particular specimen polishes well and remains sturdy in terms of Moh's hardness and of course contains amorphous Quartz - H2O.

Standard radius dome. Vitreous polish front and back.

This will be a drop dead gorgeous focal piece in your next metal smithing or wire wrap project. It is indeed quite the cool heirloom collectible to brag about as well!

Length – 50.1 mm

Width - 20.21 mm

Thick – 5.87 mm

Weight - 40 Carats

This cabochon was photographed indoors, dry, under full spectrum LEDs.

Hand crafted by Lexx. Custom orders are always welcome!

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