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Organic Devonian Ammonite Cleoniceras Fossil Gemstone Cabochon Hand Crafted By LEXX STONES 74 Carats



Here for your consideration is a beautifully hand crafted Ammonite cabochon. This traditional shaped cut exhibits complex Ammonitic suture patterns naturally set in a delicious colored matrix. Ammonite cephalopods are fossilized sea creatures ranging from the Devonian period to the Jurassic period. 110 million years old (give or take). High polish front and back. Naturally curved radius dome. Slightly tapered girdle to accommodate the natural curvature of the material. 

Hand crafted by Lexx, this Ammonite cabochon would make a wonderfully unique pendant, either wire wrapped, bezel set or a cool collector's piece. 

This hand crafted cabochon is untreated and unheated. Hand cut and polished by Lexx.  
Video dry under full spectrum LED. Photos in natural sunlight.
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Height  - 50.1mm
Width - 24.58 mm
Thickness - 5.5 mm
Weight - 74 Carats
Origin - Tulear, Madagascar

Ships within 24 hours of cleared payment.

International Buyers Will Be Responsible For All Additional Shipping, Taxes, Duties, Insurance Incurred With This Sale. Everywhere Else, Standard Shipping Fees Apply.

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