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Rare Wessels Mine Sugilite Gemstone Cabochon Hand Crafted by LEXX STONES 40 Carats


Here for your consideration is a gorgeous Sugilite cabochon. This exquisite manganese rich cyclosilicate mineral exhibits an interesting mix of vivid purple, pink, red and magenta. It is named after Ken-ichi Sugi, a Japanese geologist who first discovered the material in 1944 on the Japanese island Shikoku. Sugilite is also known as "Wesselite", after the deep purple color material was discovered in the Wessels Manganese Mine in South Africa. Richterite is often found with Sugilite.

Standard radius dome.

Vitreous polish front and back.

Photographed under full spectrum LED and outdoors under direct sunlight.

Lapidary quality Sugilite is very scarce and can be very difficult to work.

Good for wearing, carrying, collecting, open or closed bezel set, wire wrapped. This Sugilite cabochon will make a stunning huge ring or focal piece pendant!

Length - 40.85 mm

Width – 15.22 mm

Thickness – 7.5 mm

Weight - 40 Carats

Origin - Wessels Mine, Hotazel, Kalahari manganese field, Northern Cape, South Africa

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International Buyers Will Be Responsible For All Additional Taxes, Duties, Insurance Incurred With This Sale.

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