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Turkish Chrysoprase Polymorph Gemstone Cabochon Hand Crafted By LEXX STONES 50 carats

Turkish Chrysoprase Polymorph Gemstone Cabochon Hand Crafted By LEXX STONES 50 carats
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Here for your consideration is an exceptional hand crafted  Turkish Chrysoprase Polymorph cabochon. This gorgeous cryptocrystalline form of quartz silica is a favorite in the lapidary community and coveted for it's Nickel rich vibrant translucency. Hues change from Aqua Green to Vibrant Green, depending on lighting. 
The word "chrysoprase" comes from the Greek “chrys,” meaning 'gold or yellow' and “prase,” meaning 'green'. Chrysoprase used to be referred to as “the stone of Venus,” and was often used by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians to make seals, signets, jewelry and other ornamental objects because of its beautiful, vivid green color. It is said to have been the favorite gemstone of Alexander the Great.
Watery, vitreous polish front and back. Standard radius dome.
A cool collectible!

Perfect for collecting, bezel setting, PMC, wire wrap or your next metal, wood or restoration project. Use Your Imagination - We love creative people!

Photographs taken dry under full spectrum LEDs.

Hand crafted by Lexx.

Height - 40.14 mm
Width - 25.63 mm
Thickness - 6.86 mm
Weight - 50 carats
Origin - Eskişehir City, Eskişehir Province, Northwestern Turkey
Custom jobs are always welcome - We Love Creative People!
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