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Vibrant Old Stock Malawi Blue Chalcedony Gemstone Cabochon Handcrafted By LEXX STONES 57 Carats


Here for your consideration is an exceptionally beautiful hand crafted Malawi Blue Chalcedony cabochon. This incredible old stock copper included cryptocrystalline form of silica is coveted for it's rich vibrant near adularescent translucency. Amazing clouds! According to the IGS, Chalcedony such as this Malawi blue, was once thought to be a 'fibrous' variety of cryptocrystalline quartz, but more recently discovered to be a combination of quartz and another silicate mineral; Moganite (a polymorph of quartz). Both quartz and moganite share the same silicon dioxide chemical composition, but they have varying crystal structures. Moganite is monoclinic, while traditional quartz belongs to the trigonal crystal system. Chalcedony forms with a hexagonal crystal structure. With some very minor iron inclusions, this piece exhibits a brilliant semi translucent, slight adularescent- iridescent blue lavendar powder blue.

Watery, vitreous polish front and back. Standard radius dome. I cut it so that light can pass through.

Quite the bragging specimen for your heirloom collection.

Photographs taken under full spectrum LED's. Not dyed (You can verify that with a Chelsea filter) unheated and untreated.

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Length - 44.51mm

Width - 26.69mm

Thickness - 7.21mm

Weight - 57 Carats
Origin : Chiwawy - Nsanje Districts, Malawi

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