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About Lexx Stones

Hi everyone! My name is Lexx. I am a career lapidary artist, and I create hand cut, one of a kind gemstone cabochons out of my Westchester, New York Studio. All of my cabochons are cut, and diamond polished by my own hands - no tumblers! My collection includes a wide variety of gemstones, and some of them are rare. I always select the most brilliant and detailed part of the mother stone to create my cabochons. I photograph in natural daylight or full spectrum light whenever possible to capture all the brilliant color and detail of the gemstone.

The Evolution Of Rock!

Our gemstones' story started millions, possibly billions of earth years ago. They have survived volcanoes, floods, continental divide, ice age, earthquakes, dinosaur poop, primitive to modern excavation, including our rockhound dogs digging them up in the yard, professional prospecting, mining, the U.S. Postal Service, and finally my rock saws, cabbers, polishers and bare hands.

My fascination with gemstones started when I was a little girl, growing up in Brooklyn, NY. I have fond memories of my mom always taking me to Brighton Beach, where I would gather beautiful shells, ocean rock, and beach glass. I later became a collector of semi precious, and precious gemstones for their metaphysical properties and beauty. Jade was always my favorite and still is today. Before I knew it, I was making my own handmade jewelry out of beads, and whatever I could find.

A few years ago my husband Jimmy and I joined the Mid Hudson Valley Gem and Mineral Society, and that is where I decided that Lapidary was the next step in my journey. I have been designing 24/7 ever since. Jimmy photographs my work, maintains my equipment, procures raw material, and maintains the websites. When I'm not at my cabber, I'm always checking in with all the wonderful people in the designer jewelry, geology and collector's communities to see what's new.

LEXX STONES DOES NOT OUTSOURCE! All items are HAND MADE in our Westchester, NY studio.

Custom orders are always welcome, so feel free to contact me with any ideas or questions you may have. Thanks for looking!

I hope you enjoy these beautiful gemstones as much as we love crafting them.

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