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Spector NS-5CR - Red Flame Maple W/ Original Hard Case LEXXSTONES

Spector NS-5CR - Red Flame Maple W/ Original Hard Case LEXXSTONES
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Here for your consideration is an original Spector NS-5CR, serial #2025. This neck-thru body bass is in "Time Capsule" condition with only 10 hours playing time on it. Original strings, original battery (in the hard case storage compartment for posterity. I replaced it with a new Duracell in the control cavity) and the original sealed, unopened tool pouch. I purchased this Spector brand new from my friend, the legendary Beaver Felton at Bass Central in Maitland, FL in January 1998 just as this model was being released. Unless you've had one custom made by Stuart Spector himself in NY, there is very little discernible difference between the US version and this particular Czech version on a stock bass.

Overall this 5 string bass shows almost no signs of age or wear. I don't use a pick so there are no deep scratches. The vitreous gloss finish is almost entirely free of blemishes. The graphite reinforced neck is healthy with plenty of relief left in the truss rod and there is no heel swell. The frets are original and are free of wear or divots. The rosewood fretboard and pearl dot inlays are healthy and look as they were 25 years ago. The polished gold Schaller tuning pegs are tight with zero flop or play and show no signs of oxidation or deep scratches. The solid brass nut shows zero signs of wear and the solid brass bridge is in mint condition. The EMG pickups are in "Like New" condition. With a 34" scale, the action is set relatively low from the manufacturer so it's very easy to play, even for a nimble-fingered guitar player like me.

The color is interesting because under low light it appears to be a deep, rich solid candy apple red. When bright 5K neutral light is thrown on it, the articulate horizontal stripe pattern in the maple appears and the color becomes a flamed red. Extremely difficult to photograph even on a neutral background but nonetheless very cool, indeed.

The red felt lined black hard case is original and shows only mild wear from being in storage. No dings or dents. No tears or scratches. No signs of abuse. The case hardware shows almost no signs of age or oxidation. The handle is secure. The case was Made In Canada and has been stored in a smoke and odor free climate controlled environment.

The sound is pure 100% Spector. Balanced, powerful, smooth when it needs to be, articulate, punchy when it's pissed off and clean with or without compression. Fine European craftsmanship from one of the premier US guitar designers in the world.

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